In today's media culture, a tweet can be news and a news can be a tweet.

Brad Phillips

Guatemala in the Mirror

In Guatemala in the Mirror, Julio Ligorría analyzes and projects a multilingual and multicultural country, governed by a constitution that frames it in the Republican model, with an industrial economic structure, which survived the social decomposition of a 36-year internal conflict characterized by a privileged geostrategic location, as it borders NAFTA and is a three-hour flight away from the United States. Ligorría points out that human mobility is hasty, while socioeconomic mobility is extremely slow

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Management of the unexpected.

A crisis is the breakdown of plans and the moment in which a laid-out route is dismantled, a moment of restlessness and disorder when a plan is disrupted and takes an uncontrollable course. In this context, international political affairs consultant and analyst Julio Ligorría Carballido explains what a crisis is and offers a methodology to identify its components. Based on the strategic analysis of success stories, the author explains how these ruptures worsen and acquire a dramatic character when magnified by the media.

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Political Strategy

Surely there is no word that provokes so much passion and respect. The word Strategy is rooted in the collective subconscious of Humanity, although its meaning can hardly be explained to everyone's satisfaction. And it so happens that, through its evolution, the term became surrounded by an aura of mystery. Part of that greatness serves as a framework for this work, Political Strategy, by Julio Ligorria.

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Roads to freedom

Ligorría’s book published in Guatemala in 1987

This book is a collection of essays in favor of democracy and freedom written by Julio Ligorria and published in various media in the hemisphere during the low-intensity wars in Central America. Caminos de Libertad is a work that shows us the firm conviction of its author in favor of a democratic system of government, development programs based on a market economy vision and a solid and documented critique of the failure of Marxist proposals in the world.

The Art of Winning Elections

This book was published and edited in Colombia by the Latin American Association of Political Consultants ALACOP. It gathers a collection of the most refined proposals written by the most notable consultants in Latin America in the 21st Century. It is a true jewel that brings together the soundest and most sophisticated visions about work in politics through adequate and rigorous management of election campaigns.