Born in Guatemala in 1956, Julio Ligorría founded INTERIMAGE LATINOAMERICANA, S.A., in 1988, which he chaired until August 2013 when he retired.

 Since its inception and during the presidency of Ligorría, INTERIMAGE LATINOAMERICANA, S.A., has provided consulting services in the area of ​​communication and public affairs to multinational companies and governments in Latin America. To date, the company maintains a network of strategic alliances created by its founder with similar organizations across the continent, with the capacity to assist corporate and government clients in different markets. The alliances are the following:

 Miami (CEO Advisors)

Mexico (Zimat-Gollin Harris)

Nicaragua (Group ESE)

Panama (StarComm Holdings/Publi 4)

Peru (DATUM)

Chile (Crisis ICC)

Spain (Interimage / No-Line)



 From 1999 to 2013, he was managing partner of the company representing the German firm MAN B&W in Central America, manufacturer of the world's largest internal combustion engines. Between 1999 and 2005, MAN sold more than 400 million dollars in equipment for private generation power plants in the region.

In the year 2001, he founded and chaired UGAL, Inc., an entity that promotes a distance higher education model for the secondary opportunity market in Latin America. In June 2002, a strategic alliance was signed with the Educational Consortium ANAHUAC property of the Anahuac University, in the United Mexican States, to expand an education model of higher education in the nation.

Up to June 2013, he was the President of Propaganda Films, S.A., a film and television production company operating in the Latin American region.

He was the General Director of the Association of Managers of Guatemala from 1979 to1983 and was the Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Free Enterprise from 1983 to 1985. 

He was a board member and consultant partner of Delta Consulting Group, Inc., until June 2013.



He was the leading anchorman of the television program HIGH LEVEL where he interviewed presidents and prime ministers worldwide. The program aired on Channel 3 of Guatemala. 

In 1982, along with three Guatemalan businessmen, he created and organized the first Civic Forum of presidential candidates of Guatemala, and has carried out dozens of forums and political debates in Guatemala ever since.

In 1987, he was a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for International Private Enterprise attached to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Washington, D.C.

In 1989, he founded the first American Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce in the United States, becoming its first president.

In 1996, he produced and was anchor editor of the opinion program "With Own Name" (“Con Nombre Propio” in Spanish), which aired every Sunday on Channel 7 primetime in Guatemala.



He has consulted on the strategic design of 8 presidential candidates in Latin America, highlighting his work as crisis and image consultant of the President of Guatemala, Ramiro de Leon Carpio, who had a reported popularity rating of 82% nationwide when he left office; strategic consultancy provided to Alvaro Arzú in the critical second electoral round in 1995, winning the campaign and becoming President of Guatemala; and his work for Oscar Berger in the primary elections of the National Advancement Party of Guatemala, the first primary elections in the history of the Central American country, of which Berger emerged victorious. 

He has worked on crisis strategic formulation for presidents Alejandro Toledo of Peru, Alfredo Palacio of Ecuador and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala at different times and for the resolution of specific cases.

In 1993, he was consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala for the re- launch of the peace negotiations plan in Guatemala to the United Nations and to the American press.

He specializes on Public and Corporate Crisis Management, strategic design of electoral campaigns, campaign audits and Government marketing.

He was member of the American Association of Political Consultants- AAPC- but retired since August 2013.

Member of the International Association of Political Consultants- IAPC.

Member and former director of the Latin American Association of Political Consultants, (ALACOP for its acronym in Spanish).



He has been invited to give seminars on Policy Management and Strategy at: 

·      Florida International University, Latin American and Caribbean Center;

·      Technological Institute of Monterrey in Mexico City;

·      Iberoamerican University of Mexico for the Political Management certificate;

·      Post Graduate School of Political Management of George Washington University; and

·      Interamerican Center for Political Management.



On cases of crisis management where assets have been at risk, Julio Ligorría has been responsible for the defense of assets valued at more than USD 2,500 million, belonging to its many customers.