Books Published

He is the author of more than 600 essays that analyze contemporary democracy, published in newspapers and magazines in most countries of Latin America.

Among his publications:

EL ARTE DE GANAR ELECCIONES (The Art of Winning Elections), published in May 2000 by the Latin American Association of Political Consultants. Ligorría is the book's co-author.
CAMINOS DE LIBERTAD (Roads of Freedom), published in Guatemala in 1987.
ELECCIONES; MANUAL DEL CANDIDATO (Elections; A Candidate's Manual), published in May 1999 in Madrid, Spain. Ligorría co-authored the book with the two-term president of the World Association of Political Consultants, José Luís Sanchis and Marcos Magaña.
ESTRATEGIA POLÍTICA Desde el Diseño Operativo (POLITICAL STRATEGY From an Operative Design), published by the Canovas del Castillo Foundation in Madrid, Spain, in October 2002.

For 10 years, Ligorría wrote a weekly editorial column on sociological and political topics in the main Guatemalan daily, Prensa Libre. Later, he wrote for two years in the U.S. daily El Nuevo Herald on topics related to the democratic system of government. From 1999 to 2002, he wrote a weekly column in the Guatemalan daily El Periódico, analyzing national events . Occasionally, his columns have been distributed throughout the Spanish-language world by the agency Firmas Press.

He has given dozens of interviews to the communications media in the United States, Spain and Latin America, most prominently the magazines Época of Spain, Latin CEO of the U.S. and El Comercio de Lima, among many others. Worthy of special note is the reference to his company that appears on PRWeek Magazine's Global Report 2000 on the Public Relations Industry, which says Ligorría's company is one of the most profitable in Latin America and the pioneer in Central America.